Top Number Masking Use Cases in 2023

Number Masking Use Cases in 2023

For both corporations and end consumers are very high in need of security and privacy. In today’s digital era, one of the things that are most exposed is the phone number. Customers must enter their phone numbers to perform various actions, such as signing up for a straightforward app, making purchases online, paying for things digitally, getting directions, and even doing other chores. This makes their phone number available to a wide range of people and these will make customers are frequently the targets of theft, fraud, and misuse. Therefore, utilizing masked phone numbers is now unavoidable. There are many different industries and sectors where number masking is used.

Trending Number Masking Use Cases

From online shopping sites to matchmaking services to logistics and delivery companies. In this post, you will see the industries that use the number masking technology:

Logistic Sector

Connecting the customer with the delivery agent is necessary for companies offering logistical services. Consumers feel uncomfortable sharing their phone numbers with strangers, whether the delivery personnel are their business representatives or are employed by outside firms. Logistics service providers use number masking to protect these brief conversations between the customer and delivery agent in accordance with these privacy concerns. The call masking solution also stops agents from providing misleading updates regarding the delivery because it ensures tracking and recording of the conversation.


Call masking is frequently used in e-commerce to track leads by delivery services and online purchasing portals. For instance, in the delivery service, the delivery agents need the customer’s address to deliver it to the necessary address; if the address is wrong or the delivery agent cannot find it properly, they may call the client. When the delivery agent phones the customer, both the delivery agent’s original number and the option for the customer to call back are hidden.

White Goods Industry

The provision of goods and services is no longer limited to brick-and-mortar stores in today’s digital age; they are also available online. Online support can be contacted regarding products delivered or services provided by technicians. Here, the technician must go to the client’s home, and the business must protect its lines of communication. The possibility of illicit transactions between them is eliminated by advanced technology like number masking, which guarantees their anonymity. When the company is uninformed of the services, neither the client nor the technician can offer them.


In recent days, many things are available in online. Likewise, you can date with the person you meet online. Phone call masking makes it possible for people interested in one another to get in touch without having to trade personal numbers, as more dating apps offer in-app calling. This helps both parties stay safe and cut off unnecessary communications.

Healthcare Industry

Doctors are concerned that they may receive many calls due to all the consultations via calls, video chats, and messaging. Many doctors now use call masking services, allowing patients to phone them directly and have voice consultations with the doctors of their choice. In this method, doctors can protect the confidentiality of their phone number after the contract has ended and after a hypothetical amount of time.

Cab Aggregators

Nowadays, companies that offer taxi services to customers have become highly well-liked. For local and intercity travel, many individuals use taxi services. The corporation is responsible for ensuring that the customer is safe in this situation. Additionally, it is essential to prevent the interchange of personal information between the rider and the driver. Riders can quickly contact their assigned driver by dialing the hidden number from the mobile app and get the location’s current status without sharing their number. When the drivers need to call the rider, they follow the same procedure, ensuring the safety of both parties.

Remote Team

Number masking is now widely used by remote teams that connect with clients using their own devices. To contact clients, they may employ a business number. During business calls, number masking helps them safeguard their private information and maintain professional credibility.

Summing Up

To protect client privacy and keep them engaged without fear, business must use call masking as a solution. The Call Masking solution enables you to safeguard both brand and customer privacy. The professionals will assist you in setting up the solution if you wish to begin using call masking solutions.


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