Looking at Buying a Second Hand Coffee Machine?

Looking at Buying a Second Hand Coffee Machine?

Looking at Buying a Second Hand Coffee Machine?

Coffee Machine Many people who haven’t run a coffee shop or restaurant are surprised at just how expensive a new coffee machine can be. Because of this, there is a very high demand for used or rebuilt models. There are many good options for purchasing a used coffee machine, but here are some of the things to look at before making the purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying A Used Coffee Machine

While there are several things to consider whenever buying important equipment, generally speaking we can break it down to five main ones.

#1: Rebuilt or Refurbished?

Rebuilt means that the machine has been taken apart and all of the parts have been replaced. Refurbished means that some of the parts have been replaced, but not all of them. Generally the term used will tell you how much work went into replacing, upgrading, or maintaining old parts and can give you a sense of risk.

It is important to know which one you are getting because it will affect the price.

#2: The Age of the MachineĀ 

The coffee machine is going to be one of the most used pieces of equipment in your shop. It is important to take into account how old the machine is. The ideal situation would be to find a machine that is less than five years old. This way, you know that it hasn’t been overworked and it should still have all of its original parts.

#3: Who Is Selling It (And Why?)

It is important to know who is selling the machine. If it is a coffee shop that is going out of business, then you know that the machine has been well taken care of. However, if it is an individual, you will want to inspect the machine more closely to make sure that it hasn’t just been sitting around unused for many years.

You want to be able to get an idea of the reputation of the person or business you’re buying from, whether they’re reliable, known for good deals, or not so much. This is very important!

#4: Is There A Warranty?

When you are buying a used coffee machine, it is important to find out if there is a warranty. This way, if something does go wrong, you will be covered. With refurbished or rebuilt machines or even just used machines this can be tricky, but some manufacturers do offer limited protection and that’s worth knowing!

#5: PriceĀ 

It’s either in the budget or it isn’t, within line of the market or not.\

Purchasing a used coffee machine from surplus database can be a great way to save money. Just be sure to do your research beforehand so that you know you’re getting the best possible deal.



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