Top Tips to Select Branded Corporate Gifts

Branded Corporate Gifts

Consider the ubiquitous ‘corporate gift.’ These include ‘freebies at sporting events, ‘swag bags at conferences, etc. Most people agree that some branded corporate gifts turn out to be really good, while some may be just OK, and some may be useless.

Hence, if one is a corporate gift giver, how can one stand apart from the rest? How can one give a gift that someone will not throw into the trash bag?

Following are some top tips for using the best corporate promotional products:

Personalise The Gift

Are you seeking the ideal gift for a highly valued client or retiring employee? Select a gift that can be personalised by including the company logo and the recipient’s name.
Metal cutting by laser can help engrave text on all materials to create unique gifts that stand apart.

Reflect Company Values

Ensure that the gift matches the mission statement and values of the company. For instance, companies focusing on sustainability typically select eco-friendly promotional products, and businesses selling kid’s toys will choose family-friendly products. In sum, ensure that the gift exudes the values and ethics of the company.

Limited Branding

Corporate gifts offer many opportunities to enhance brand recognition but take care not to do this excessively. One must limit branding to ensure the gift does not seem like a hard-core advertisement. It is good to create a lasting impression on partners, clients, and employees with a promotional gift that has discrete branding.

Exploit High-Volume Discounts

Does the marketing plan include giving away gifts to a vast number of clients or employees? Maintain low costs by making use of high-volume discounts. Businesses that give away gifts routinely may also consider manufacturing these items in-house if they have the right equipment.

Consider Unboxing Experience

A gift’s presentation and polish help communicate the gift’s intention and thought. The experience of unboxing and revealing the gift can either make or break the impact of the gift.

Include A Warm Note

Including a heartfelt note along with the gift can create much impact. Hand-written notes are the best, but the modern option includes a QR code that can deliver a video message like that by the company’s CEO, offering personal thanks.

Consider Quality

One must not compromise on the quality of corporate promotional products as they reflect the whole company’s image. Additionally, high-quality gifts will be displayed openly, gaining positive attention for the company. In contrast, mass-produced, low-quality gifts will end up in the trash.

Select Practical Items

It is good to generate positive buzz around the company and its services and products by selecting practical gifts instead of decorative ones. These might include USB sticks, desk clocks, coffee mugs, etc. Consider what items are typically kept by Australians in their offices and homes and choose gifts they are likely to use or like to display.

Gifts Related To Industry

Does one desire to make use of branded merchandise to enhance brand awareness? If yes, select objects linked to the industry in specific ways, which will strengthen the association between the gifts and the company in the minds of recipients.

Objects For Home Use

Is one seeking a gift for a high-performing associate or a top executive? Including the name and the job role of the person in the company can be a great idea for celebrating personal milestones or as holiday gifts. The best gifts are those that recipients will use in their daily lives. So, in contrast to office gifts, gifts that can be used practically at home create much more impact.

In sum, these are some top tips for selecting branded corporate gifts for one’s company.


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