Filter Telegram Numbers from Without Telegram


If you want to advertise your business by  sending messages on Telegram, you have made the right choice. Because This is one of the most popular atmospheres. For this reason, audiences pay a lot of attention to this messenger and the messages they receive from it. In this article, we are going to explain to you one of the things that you should pay attention to in The ads. We are going to talk about separating The numbers from non-tele gram numbers and the importance of this affair then, we introduce the filter telegram numbers from non-telegram numbers bot which is a tool that can make your affair easier. Stay with us…      

Why should we filter telegram numbers from non-telegram numbers?

For advertising in Tele gram, in the first step, you need a large number of numbers. You can get the number of your target contacts from different places. You might think that after you get the numbers, you should start advertising and messaging them.

But it is not! Here, you should pay attention to the fact that the numbers you provided have an account in this program.

Suppose you have purchased a number bank that consists of 1000 numbers. It is possible that among these 1000 numbers, many of them are numbers that do not have Tele gram at all.


So, you have paid for numbers that do not work for you and you have a smaller audience. To prevent this from happening, at the beginning of the route, you must separate the numbers that have program and those that do not have Telegram from each other.

But how should you do this? Stay with us…

How can you distinguish telegram numbers from non-telegram numbers?

For this, you have no way to save these numbers in your contacts to see if they have or not. In this method, you have to save, for example, 1000 numbers individually and separately in your contact list. In this way, you enter the number along with the name in the Add to contact section and then press the Save button.

When this number is saved without any error, it means that this number has Telegram. But if this command encounters the error “This number has not joined, it means that this number does not have an account in this program. But as you know, checking many numbers manually is a tedious task. So, we have to use the right method to do this.


The best way to do this is to use tools that automate all these steps for you. There are tools called software Bots that are designed precisely for this, to automatically do tasks that take time for humans in the fastest way possible. Do it as soon as possible.

The Bot that we introduce to you in this section is a Bot that separates the numbers from non-telegram numbers. This Bot performs all the steps that we were supposed to do manually. That is, he opens the This program goes to the Add to contact section and starts checking the numbers in order from the first number.

If it has a telegram number, it will be saved in the contacts list, and if it does not have a telegram number, it will not be saved. In the end, it will give you a separate list of numbers that have Telegram and those that don’t.

To start such Bots, it is enough to set the Bot settings so that the Bot works properly. In the settings section, you must enter the number of numbers that you want to be checked.


The general purpose of this article was to provide you with information and solutions in the advertising process. As we said, you may prepare a bank of numbers to use to send advertising messages on it. But you don’t know which of these numbers has an account in This app. As a result, we introduced you to a method so that you can easily and simply separate Telegram and non-Telegram numbers.



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