How automated phone calls aids in fetching quality leads

Automated Calling System

A simple pre-recorded voicemail message can help businesses to reach out to thousands of leads. This is done through an automated phone call which helps to schedule a call, record a message and deliver it to as many people as the business wants at any time. One of the unique features of automated phone calls is that they are versatile, with their utilities for follow-ups. feedback, call-blast, event-based calls, and reminders.

Definition of Automated Calling System

An automated calling system, which is popularly known as the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables callers to gather adequate information through a voice-enabled response system having pre-recorded messages. This system ensures the omission of unnecessary interactive sessions with the agents while solving their queries instantly.  A well-designed IVR software can help establish customer satisfaction, and customer center operations and improve KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Automated phone calls for business also aid enterprises in providing appropriate messages to customers who are seeking assistance from customer service executives. The next section delineates the benefits of automated phone calls that aid businesses in fetching quality leads.

Benefits of Automated Phone Calls

  • Improved Return on Investment(ROI): With this calling system, customers are well informed about the business’s new offers, services, and products leading to increased ROIs.
  • Optimize Target Audience: The automated calls and SMS can be used to launch new products to reach out to the target audience seamlessly.
  • Easy to Setup and Activate: Automated phone calls can be set up by integrating existing CRM software with the help of a plug-and-play solution.
  • TRAI Compliance: TRAI compliance is ensured using the automated outbound calling system, regardless of the location of the business.
  • Cost Saving: Automated phone calling helps businesses to save money while providing world-class services to their customers. All thanks to unlimited calling and reasonable rates of the automated phone system of Knowlarity. Automated answering reduces the time utilized by the agent on a call, thereby lowering the costs.

    Automated Answering Service automated phone calls
    Automated Answering Service automated phone calls

What is the Reason behind Businesses Leveraging Automated Phone Calls?

  • Improved Employee Efficiency: When the volume of call traffic is high someday, the automated calling system enables agents to prioritize the queries where the demand for customized assistance is higher. This system not only bifurcates the simpler queries from the complex ones but also allows businesses to ensure that every level of customer query is resolved without the agents getting overstretched.
  • Provides Information Efficiently: By using an automated system, customers can find the shop hours and also the location. This system identifies callers based on caller ID. As a result, it helps the company to later analyze the calling hours of particular customers or the number of times a person is trying to reach the company. This simple analysis helps businesses to identify potential leads.
  • Calling Recordings for Training Employees: An automated calling system allows businesses to optimize the call numbers made every day and record them accordingly. In return, the recorded calls become a goldmine for the employees as they can learn and polish themselves to serve better. These recorded calls also give businesses an insight into the spheres which they currently are missing from their outbound call script.
  • Process Payments: An automated phone call system initiates the payments over the phone. The address and phone number are provided by the customer to very an account, after which the system responds with the due balance instantly. The credit card details are provided by the customer and the payment is done within seconds. Automatic verification and payment save business time and effort.

How do Automated Phone Calls System Work?

  • Set up the Contacts: An excel spreadsheet is uploaded by the company to provide the member list. The manual entry of the contacts is also available. The required message gets automatically delivered to the members in the list at any time.
  • Create Recorded Message: The company can record the message over the voicemail, or an existing recording can be utilized.
  • Send Automated Calls: Businesses have the choice of whom to call and when the call needs to get scheduled.

These services and benefits can be availed by leveraging Knowlarity’s automated phone call system that enables the business to make thousands of calls and resolve customer queries effortlessly. Thus this helps businesses to enhance their ladder of growth efficiently and ‘automatically’.


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