Where the Capital Raised by rpmgx Comes From

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Where the Capital Raised by RPMGX Comes From

Our portfolio is managed by an enterprise partner that utilizes a mix of strategic and tactical investment techniques. Those techniques include both public and private investments in stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and other fixed-income and equity instruments.

What is Midcap?

A midcap company is a company that does not have an assigned market capitalization that is greater than the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), but it also does not have an assigned market capitalization of less than $50 million.


RPMGX is an actively managed equity fund that seeks to invest in mid-cap stocks with the potential for above-average earnings growth. The fund’s strategy is to outperform the market by focusing on superior global trends, value investing, and stock selection. We employ a fundamental approach and mesh our long-term investment model with human judgment to determine the best time to initiate buy and sell transactions.


Types of Stocks in the Fund rpmgx

We invest in common stocks that we deem to have the potential for above-average earnings growth within the next 3, 6, and 12 months. We do not believe in investing in stocks with a short-term horizon, as our fund is meant to provide stable returns on a long-term basis.


We are a mid-cap-focused fund of funds with multi-cap potential. Our strategy is to invest in established companies that have medium to long-term growth potential and the ability for at least 20% annualized growth.

Current Fund Averages

We generate our fund returns by analyzing mid-cap stocks, stocks that are between the larger, company-specific companies and their microcap counterparts. We seek to profit from the market’s opportunity to deliver above-average earnings growth.

History of the Fund

RpmGx launched in February 2014 with a commitment to investing in stocks with the potential for above-average earnings growth. The fund’s focus is on mid-cap US companies and it seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in stocks that have the potential for above-average earnings growth.

The Fund Offers Dividends And Capital Appreciation

No, our funds do not offer dividends. We invest in mid-cap companies and since these companies often have the potential for above-average earnings growth, it is likely that the funds will provide for capital appreciation by returns on investments distributed to investors.

A New Fund That’s Taking on Wall Street

RPMGX is a fund for people who want to take on Wall Street and invest differently. We’re looking for long-term capital appreciation, but our target stock is mid-cap stocks- which may not be what you think of when speaking about Wall Street. Though these stocks are usually seen as small, we agree with our optimistic investors- the potential for them to grow their earnings higher than the market average is there.

How The World’s Biggest Bond Fund Works

The QMA invests primarily in the securities of large to mid-cap companies that are presenting a high growth potential and offer attractive risk-adjusted returns with financing provided through institutional investors, such as qualified retirement plans.

What makes a company a “Great” Stock?

Great companies have sustainable sources of free cash flow and strong management. They are financially healthy with low debt, low or no risk of default, and the ability to effectively invest excess cash flow. The management team is experienced, in the know, and can be counted on to deliver impressive results over a long period of time.

ETF Structure

The fund’s objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation. The investment policies of the fund require that it invest substantially all of its assets in equity securities of large, mid-cap United States companies that have the potential for above-average earnings growth and a dividend yield greater than 3%.

The Lively Market For The Advantaged Sorts

The Lively Market For The Advantaged Sorts is an investment fund that focuses on growth companies in the technology sector. Investing in a company that has potential for rising earnings is better than investing in a traditional blue-chip stock, which might generate stagnant or declining returns.

ProShares ETF on the Market

The ProShares ETF on the Market will invest in a number of stocks, so long as the individual stock meets certain requirements. ProShares seeks to rebalance the portfolio with index funds and ETFs which they believe are better than direct investments because they offer diversification.

Conclusion rpmgx

It’s not always easy deciding if a fund is right for you, but the RPMGX Fund is on our list of picks because it has the potential to provide above-average earnings growth.


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