PUDOs: A Detailed Overview for You


The term PUDOs, which also includes pickup and drop-off, is a reference to any type of specific area. Where customers can take and drop off parcels, usually picking up online orders and dropping off return items. In general, PUDO locations are either open counters with staff in established establishments, or lockers that are not staffed that can be found anywhere.


A logistics company can deliver large quantities to the PUDO place where the parcels are then stored. Every shopper is informed when their parcel is ready to take home. Once they are at the address, they can utilize a code to unlock the locker or ask an employee of the store to retrieve their parcel, based on the type of PUDO location.

If a client needs the item returned, they must book the return through the retailer’s or carrier’s electronic interface. This generates a unique code to enter into the locker interface. This opens an locker door to drop off their item collected by other customers. If a PUDO location is employees-only PUDOs stores, customers do not have to book their return as returns labels can be read by employees of the store on the counter.


Self-service PUDOs lockers are accessible from anywhere from car parks at supermarkets as well as gym receptions. The trick is to make them accessible to a lot of people. Because of this, PUDO is very popular in cities. It is further complicated by the rising number of urban dwellers who aren’t home at all times to get delivery at home.

The most prominent instances for PUDO systems that located in the UK include Collect+. Which has thousands of locations spread out in convenience stores and Asda’s ToYou service. And Doddle which provides pickup and drop-off counters in Morrisons all over the world.


Pickup and dropoff points provide benefits to customers who make use of them. The companies that established them, and the companies they situated within.

For consumers, PUDOs networks offer a convenient, secure and local method of obtaining an order without having to be waiting at home. This added security is especially important during the holiday season. As the purchases tend be gifts, and therefore have the added significance of being emotionally important to the consumer. At Doddle we have seen our collection volume increase in proportion to the amount of orders, which indicates that customers prefer to opt for Click and Collect or PUDO alternatives when purchasing essential products.

Shoppers also enjoy being able to fit in their shopping carts. Or go back to their routine for instance, while shopping for their weekly purchases or on their commute.

Things to Consider PUDO

Businesses that have PUDO desks, lockers and counters gain from the increased traffic from customers who come to pick up and return their parcels. A majority of them decide to purchase inside the store, with 70 percent of them doing often. The addition of more functions to the property is a major target for retailers at a moment where they are in a time when the High Street is under pressure and they are in a battle to draw customers. Most of the time, these hosts don’t require any cost or licensing, and they can charge a fee for the additional customers could be as low as the the space needed for lockers or employees’ time they spend scanning a parcel.

Postal services and carriers who establish PUDOs places. Typically do this in order to take more sales from retailers. Provide better services to customers, cut costs through consolidation and become more viable.

Home delivery is inefficient when compared to delivery to an PUDO place. Delivery is more efficient to PUDOs because they are more reliable and accessible as well as hundreds of packages can be delivered in one go. In contrast home deliveries take longer journey times and every package must be transported to a different location. This costs more in the cost of fuel and time spent by drivers and can lead to more traffic congestion, noise pollution polluting the air and greenhouse emissions.


With all the advantages to retailers and consumers we have discussed the fact. There is a wide PUDO system makes a company an attractive choice in negotiations. With retailers customers who wish to offer an excellent customer experience. And ease of use without compromising the environment or cost. PUDOs lets carriers meet these lofty objectives.



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