How Tender Writing Services Can Assist New Businesses

tender writing services

Setting up a new business is no easy task. In addition to the massive financial risk you’re undertaking, there are countless little things that an entrepreneur has to take care of while establishing their business. One of the most difficult parts of establishing a new business undoubtedly has to be getting contracts and gaining the trust of potential clients. With little to no work experience to show, many new business owners are forced to shut their doors within a few years simply because they aren’t able to show what they can do to potential clients.

This is why choosing to reach out to tender writing services offers new business owners the best possible way of getting their foot in the door and winning their first few contracts. For many clients, it is more about how innovative you can be in your solution or how cost-effective than how many similar projects you have previously worked on. A tender writing service can help you put your best foot forward and can provide you with expert advice on what government and private tenderers look for when assessing tender applications.

Let’s take a look at what professional bid and tender writing companies can do to help new businesses grow and win new contracts.

Finding Tenders Writing Services

Not every tender opportunity will be right for you. Even as a new business, you need to be selective with the opportunities you tender for. Tender preparation is a highly time, resource and money-intensive process, so you should be carefully assessing your suitability for each opportunity before you make the decision to apply for the contract. In the tendering world, this is called the bid/no-bid decision.

A tender writer will not only guide to the avenues you can use to find tenders (private or government channels), but will also provide expert advice on whether a tender opportunity is right for you. Some tender writing services may even have a tool on their portal to help connect businesses to their next opportunity using notifications and tender databases.

Bid Management

As mentioned above, bid management is a highly time, resource and money-intensive task and can take the inexperienced person weeks to even months just gathering all the necessary documentation. Often, business owners and employees find that they have no time left in the day to focus on their own tasks when preparing for a tendering opportunity, which can result in a loss of productivity and revenue.

A bid or tender manager will take all of the planning, research and tender writing tasks out of your hair and present you with a proposal that is ready for submission.  a bid manager will take care of it all. This will leave you and your employees time to focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

Bid Writing

The truth of the matter is that not everyone has the skill it takes to prepare a winning tender response. Additionally, the requirements and evaluation criteria for a government tender will differ from a private tender, and that for the defense industry will differ entirely from the construction industry. The right bid writer understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tendering and what works for one tender may not work for another, something that the inexperienced business person may often forget.

From making your proposal aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow by adding graphs, infographics, and other graphic tools, to evaluating what the tenderer is asking from a certain question, through to preparing thorough case studies and presenting your solution in the best possible light, a bid writer will ensure you have the highest chance of presenting a winning proposal. Many individuals helping companies win new contracts through bid writing services have previously served on evaluation panels, which gives them unique insight into both sides of the tendering process.

Hiring a professional tender writing service is one of the best things new business owners can do to get their foot inside the door. Not only does it take the stress out of the tendering process, but can further your chances of winning your very first tender and lucrative contract. If you’re on the lookout for some help winning your next tender, a simple Google search will tell you of the nearest established bid writing companies near you. Get started on growing your business today!


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