An Article on Essay Writing and Its Types

Essay Writing

Essay writing projects are a common thing in every student’s academic career. Essay writing assignments, in addition to examining a student’s writing skills, also help to evaluate their research ability, analytical, and presentation skills, preparing them for higher education. A school assignment that requires students to write an essay teaches them how to plan and carry out their projects. 

They develop critical thinking skills and express their feelings and thoughts. Students understand to present their ideas and demonstrate themselves more coherently by writing an essay. It also helps in improving their grammatical and vocabulary skills. Therefore, it is essential to learn what is essay writing and its different types. You can have a look at the cheap essay writing service article to learn about the same. 

What is Essay Writing?

According to the write my essay Australia experts, essays are typically brief pieces of writing that are personal in nature. They express the writer’s perspective on concepts, events, ideas, incidents, and so on. It differs from a report in that it is informal and highly objective. Depending on the topic and narrative style, you can consider writing informal, formal, objective and subjective essays, etc. 

Types of Essays

Below given are a few of the key essay types explained by the essay writing service Australia experts. 

  1. Informative Essay: The main purpose for writing this type of essay is straightforward: to share information.
  2. Narrative Essay: Generally, this category of essay defines a specific event or experience in chronological order. It can be a historic moment or just a typical month or day of somebody’s life.
  3. Persuasive Essay: Persuasive essays attempt to provide the readership with a comprehensive view of an idea, topic or concept – so that they can be persuaded of the arguments presented.
  4. Argumentative Essay: These essays are often assigned to research a contentious issue. The writer must identify the most important roles on either side and, after that, substantiate the stance they support with facts and perspectives to refute any arguments made by the opposing side.
  5. Compare and Contrast Essay: This essay will examine two parts, such as two books or poems or two ideas or concepts, and will highlight the differences and similarities, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. This essay allows you to concentrate on more than two subjects. These essays demonstrate relationships that the reader may not have considered before.

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Descriptive Essay: 

This essay describes the topic in such a way that it appeals to all five senses. Descriptive essays provide a thorough description of a topic, such as explaining the mountains to someone who has never seen it or describing the flavour of a lovely meal from another country.

  1. Illustration Essay: With the assistance of straightforward, illustrative examples, this essay aims to assist you in describing a concept, idea, or situation. The essay should include multiple examples in support of the ideas presented. Illustrations assist authors in connecting with their audience by overcoming obstacles with concrete examples.

If you need assistance in writing any of the essays mentioned above, then you can seek help from your teachers, classmates, seniors, or Do my assignment providers available online. 


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