How To Plan a Budget Trip To Manali Tour Package

manali tour package
manali tour package

vibrant Manali Tour, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is among the most stunning and appealing locations located in Himachal Pradesh. It is not necessary to spend several vacations visiting this amazing hill station in Kullu valley. A three-day backpacking trip suffices.

The vibrant and vibrant Manali Tour Package, Himachal Pradesh, is a renowned tourist spot in India. The elements that make Manali amazing and captivating are numerous. The stunning weather, the mountains, and the beautiful green forest are only one of the many. The variety of adventurous and leisure experiences one can enjoy during their stay make Manali Tour Package even more appealing. A trip to Manali will bring joy to the dullness of your daily routine.

manali tour package
Manali tour package


Recently, I’ve received a number of emails in which I was asked how to plan a budget-friendly trip to Manali and I was thinking of creating a comprehensive guide for how to plan a budget-friendly excursion to the Manali Tour Package.

How do you plan a budget-friendly trip to Manali Tour Package

A majority of travellers begin their journey at Delhi or Chandigarh and I’ll share with you a few facts based on those who have travelled there.

manali tour package
Manali tour package


  • Delhi is approximately 530 km from Manali Tour Package and takes about 12 hours for the overnight drive from Delhi to arrive at the devastation
  • The most efficient way to travel from Delhi is via Volvo buses that usually depart at Kashmiri gate at night. The cost of tickets typically is between 1000 and 1300 Rs. And after 12 hours of overnight travel, you’ll arrive in Manali Tour Package.
  • The other option for travelling from Delhi to Manali is by taxi, which is an extremely good alternative. Cabs are extremely comfortable, and shared taxis are extremely affordable.
  • After arriving at Manali early in the morning, one is able to search for hotels on Mall road based on your transport options, since the hotels located around Manali Tour Package are more affordable and less expensive for budget-conscious travellers.
  • Be aware that if you are travelling to Manali package during the peak time that runs from May to June, then you should always make advance reservations. During other months, you are able to go for hotel searches online. In the months of March, November and January you can locate affordable hotels once you have arrived at the location. In times of the low season, you can attempt bargaining to find a discount on hotel rates.
  • To be able to travel to Manali you must know the basics of the area. The article is mainly focused on the 3 days of a trip, so I’ll select the locations based on this. Hadimba, Vasisth, Jogini waterfalls, Solang valley are a few of the places to visit of the many.
    Manali Tour Package


  • After checking into the hotel room one is able to have a rest, and later in the evening, one could go to Hadimba temple. You can also visit the colourful souvenir markets in Manali Tour Package. Hadimba temple as well as the Mall road can be reached via a short walk. This will help you save some cash.
  • On the second day, get to bed early to go bike or scooter rental to explore nearby locations such as Vasisth Temple, Solang valley Naggar, Jana falls etc or you can book taxi services, as they are extremely comfortable.
  • Jogini waterfalls are one of those destinations that I do not allow anyone to miss when they inquire about places to go on a Manali trip.



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