An Overview of Finance and Accounting Careers

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An Overview of Finance and Accounting Careers

Beginning the finance and accounting careers is a great choice – with forecasts for significant growth in the industry, a high median salary, and a demand for qualified finance and accounting professionals, this is the time to join the field as there are several opportunities. However, once an individual has decided that they are going to pursue a career in this field, they will quickly find that the field is much larger and more diverse than they might have thought, with opportunities to apply the skills in a number of different areas.

Know the several finance and accounting careers

While many people think about accounting as one huge field, the reality is, that there is no one set accounting career path. There are several various fields of accounting that one can pursue. While almost all accounting programs will need a basis of fundamental capabilities, from there, one can go in any number of directions based on their interests.

Below-mentioned are just a few of the finance and accounting career fields that one can choose to work:

accounting careers
accounting careers

· Public Accounting Careers

If an individual as obtained, or plan to get, a CIMA certification, they are eligible to work at a public Accounting Careers firm. A public accounting firm usually offers auditing, tax, consulting, and accounting services for a number of clients across a range of sectors, including businesses, individuals, non-profits, and governments. A job in public accounting will give an experience in several various facets of the accounting field, from the preparation and review of financial statements to analyzing budgets to tax work to consulting and advice on a range of financial issues.

· Tax Accountant

As the name suggests, a tax account focuses solely on tax-related accounting work, preparing quarterly and annual tax returns (local, state, and federal) for individuals and companies.

· Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants examine companies’ financial statements and provide analysis for legal cases, investigating crimes, which include embezzlement or fraud.

· Financial Accountant

Financial accountants work for a single organization or business, preparing reports that assess fiscal performance (for instance, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements) for stockholders, creditors, and taxing agencies – essentially, individuals external to the company.

· Managerial Accountant

Managerial accountants perform similar work to financial accountants, but focus on internal stakeholders – they prepare reports for internal review, to enhance the business’s plan, and budget, and improve performance.

· Financial Planner

A few finance and accounting individuals choose to work for financial planning firms, or as independent financial consultants. Financial planners help others related to their finances, from budgeting to taxes to investing.

·  Internal Auditor

In large organizations, the internal auditors ensure that resources are being used effectively, that the firm is in compliance with all state and federal demands, and funds are not being mismanaged.

· Government Accountant

Government accountants work in the public sector, managing financial information for all levels of the government – local, state, or federal. Their focus is often the management of funds, whether it is being collected and spent according to appropriate laws.

Planning for finance and accounting careers path

Once a clear understanding of the various career options has gotten, it’s time to decide which direction one wants to go in. Usually, one will need the same general skillset – which typically include being analytical, being good with numbers, and being able to interpret data, among other essential competencies.

CIMA accounting careers Careerscertification

This is an important question to consider when one is planning to start an accounting career path. While doing a CIMA accounting can lead to more job prospects and opportunities in new sectors.

Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA®) is among the best accounting certificates for those professionals who are seeking various ways to begin a global career to be an investment & management accountant professional. It is among the world’s most uniquely designed credentials in the discipline of finance and accounting from the United States.

CIMA certification

is the perfect investment & management accounting certification for individuals in two of the most quickly emerging super-specialization areas in accounting – investment accounting, and management accounting.

It is a top certification, and the CIMA® charter provides each aspirant with a proven promise and readiness for gathering the required and in-demand financial intelligence that globally many firms are needed to monitor, manage and grow their businesses and investment assets and portfolios.


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