Why Should Zanskar be on Your Leh Itinerary and Ladakh tour package

Ladakh tour package
Ladakh tour package

Zanskar Valley is a beautiful remote valley located in the heart of Ladakh, in the Kargil district of Ladakh. It is a legendary location because all the popular destinations of Ladakh are surrounded by Zanskar Valley. Located at 463km from Leh and at an elevation of 3669m from Padum, is still an underrated location left unexplored by many travelers. We believe that Zanskar is a location that should be appreciated and loved just as much as other popular destinations. So, this blog is about why you should add Zanskar to your Leh Ladakh trip route, by just stating facts that are often ignored by common people. 

Ladakh tour package
Ladakh tour package
  •         Sangam of Indus and Zanskar

From a traveler’s perspective who wants to explore and witness the unseen and wonders of nature, Zanskar is the right place to do so. It is where the beauty of Mother Nature, let’s rivers of Indus and Zanskar meet. One can witness the picturesque Sangam of Indus and Zanskar in Nimmu, a village at about 35km from Leh. From the highway one can see the beautiful Sangam of these mesmerizing rivers, resulting in the mix of two different shades of blues, making it look ethereal.

The Indus River: Indus is not only the longest river in Asia but also the primary driver in the northern part of India. It was the main river of the Indus Valley civilization that is one of the ancient and developed civilizations of the world. So, it truly comes with a long history and plays an important role in shaping the rich Indian history and culture.

Ladakh tour package
Ladakh tour package

Zanskar River: Indus River has always been a major tributary of the Indus River. Originating from the northeastern part of India, and covers the whole Himalayan and Zanskar mountain Range.

The Sangam of these rivers isn’t only just pleasing to the eyes, which it absolutely is, but also holds a deep meaning behind it. It adds so much value to the Zanskar valley, and visiting is a must on your Ladakh bike trip because it isn’t you witness every other day.


  •         Chadar Trek

You’ll be thrilled to know that the infamous Chadar trek that you would have heard every passionate traveler talk about is located on the frozen Zanskar River itself. Because it is done on the frozen river during the winter, the Chadar trek is also known as the frozen river trek. It is one of the best treks one can go on, in India. See you have a new reason to go include Zanskar Valley in your Ladakh package.

  •         Freezing Temperature

There is no doubt that the temperatures at such height will be super low and everything would be freezing, but Zanskar is on another level when it comes to dropped temperatures. During winter, temperatures go as low as negative 30 degrees and it is freezing cold in there. Well, what can we expect from a place that offers trekking on a ‘frozen river’, right?

Freezing Temperature
Freezing Temperature
  •         Adventure Sports

A place full of thrilling experiences and treks, Zanskar also offers you to go full adventurous and have the time of your life with Adventure Sports. These sports include Water rafting, paragliding, motor-biking and so much more. One can go to Zanskar with the assurance of experiences full of adrenaline rush and thrill.


We hope that now you don’t forget about this beautiful valley when you plan your next Ladakh road trip and book your Leh Ladakh tour package. This mesmerizing destination should be known by everyone and after reading this blog, we believe you also agree with us.

So, good luck with your Zanskar trip



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