How Is AI Changing and Improving Call Centers?

Bright Pattern
Bright Pattern

How Is AI Changing and Improving Call Centers?

A lot of people get nervous when they hear or read about how artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance business operations and productivity. Their immediate fear is that a machine is about to replace them, leaving them in the unemployment line. However, call centers seem to be evidence of the contrary.

Call centers across the United States have started embracing AI, and the results are encouraging. So, how is AI revolutionizing the modern call center? All you have to do is continue reading to find out!

AI enables better quality management.

Bright Pattern
Bright Pattern

Call centers worry tirelessly about quality assurance, as they know call outcomes determine whether they attract or lose customers. AI uses speech analytics to enhance quality management and training, helping call center agents steadily improve and enabling managers to learn who their most effective agents are.

Indeed, artificial intelligence can provide valuable insights into phone calls. It can capture data such as keywords and even the decibels of callers’ and agents’ voices to determine the tone of calls. Bright Pattern is one of the leaders in providing AI-based contact center solutions. Their powerful contact center software enables call center managers to pinpoint their team members’ strengths and weaknesses, helping them provide more effective training and upgrade best practices.

AI enables contact centers to personalize the customer experience.

Another one of the pros of incorporating AI into call center operations is it empowers agents to personalize the customer experience. Artificial intelligence streamlines workflows and customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, providing customer support team members with easy access to the data insights and customer information they need to tailor the customer journey for each caller.

AI can provide customer service across various digital channels.

Another great thing about AI is it can handle communication on digital channels without human intervention. Many innovative companies use artificial intelligence to provide online support via chatbots and even social media. Bright Pattern’s powerful cloud contact center software is the only true omnichannel cloud platform, and it’s the number one open platform for call centers and small businesses across the United States.

AI provides easy access to remote business users and security against intruders.

A lot of call centers have switched to remote teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bright Pattern makes it easy for remote call centers to run as effectively as traditional call centers. Their contact center software is ideal for remote and on-premises solutions, providing call centers with the flexibility they need in these uncertain times. Single sign-on (SSO) technology provides security and ease of use of the platform for remote teams.

IVR enables contact centers to provide round-the-clock call support.

Bright Pattern
Bright Pattern

Interactive voice response (IVR) is another feature of Bright Pattern’s call center software. Some of the pros of IVR are that it can handle incoming calls without human interference, get callers to the right agent quicker, and even place outgoing calls and leave voicemail drops.

Call centers are much more effective today than ever before, and it’s because of powerful cloud contact center software powered by AI. Artificial intelligence significantly cuts the time callers spend waiting to reach the right agent. Furthermore, it powers easy CRM integrations, delivering powerful insights that allow call centers to customize the customer experience of each caller. Furthermore, with IVR, contact centers can manage incoming and outgoing calls and provide 24-hour service without human intervention.

Many people fear artificial intelligence will rob them of a job, but call centers have found it enables their team members to be more productive. Incorporating AI in your call center operations will enable you to provide better customer support and help your customer support team maximize their potential. In fact, AI is necessary to keep up in today’s competitive landscape. Indeed, AI makes life easier for call center managers and agents alike.



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