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3 Benefits of an Apartment Intercom System

3 Benefits of an Apartment Intercom System

One of the things that people living in apartment buildings enjoy is a sense of community and openness within complexes. For many apartment residents, however, openness can also be a cause for concern when it comes to safety. It is normal for residents to be worried about safety as it is hard for individuals to incorporate their own measures. The security of the buildings and community falls on apartment owners to ensure that the complex is as safe as possible. An apartment intercom system can go a long way toward securing the property.

Apartment Intercom System
Apartment Intercom System

An apartment intercom system can provide access control and take security to the next level by restricting entry to only those approved by residents and staff. Tenants and office staff will be able to verify visitors. Additionally, innovation and advanced capabilities allow tenants and building staff to use mobile apps to monitor and interact with video intercom systems. Installing a new intercom system in a residential building or upgrading an older intercom system will come with some considerations.

Every apartment building and apartment complex will have unique needs and challenges. From installation costs and tenant requirements to wiring and considerations for WiFi capabilities, several things might add an additional cost. Given the security and safety benefits, however, it will prove beneficial for the reputation and peace of mind of your property. Let’s look at some of the considerations for an apartment intercom system.

1. Security and Peace of Mind

Apartment Intercom System
Apartment Intercom System

Given the cost of rent in apartment buildings today, many residents have expectations for amenities and features throughout the complex. The safety and security of the apartment community consistently rank at the top of the list for the majority of apartment residents. Access control systems such as intercoms can secure the building and provide residents and staff members with peace of mind. In an open apartment complex, tenants face difficulties knowing who is coming and going and knocking on their door. Additionally, apartment buildings without security measures are more vulnerable to vandalism and acts of theft.

Intercom systems allow residents and front desk staff to manage and limit access to the building. Apartment intercom systems with video capabilities can secure a property and serve as a crime deterrent, much like video doorbell systems. From securing buildings to protecting tenants, an intercom system can serve as an essential part of your overall security plan.

2. Communication Capabilities

Aside from the security benefits, an intercom system can provide apartment complexes with advanced communication abilities for tenants and building staff. Many intercom systems come with several devices for each apartment unit, depending on the model. As a result, tenants can speak to any guests that might want in. Intercom capabilities can also allow tenants and front desk staff to communicate easily. In emergencies, intercom interactions could be vital communication systems. Additionally, a good system will allow building staff to easily identify food deliveries, maintenance personnel, postal workers, package couriers, and others without needing to grant access manually. Improved communication abilities upgrade apartment amenities and security abilities.

3. Building Reputation

Apartment Intercom System
Apartment Intercom System

Intercom systems at building entrances can go a long way towards setting a specific tone and expectations for any apartment complex. In general, burglary and invasion crimes have become a major concern for many property managers and tenants. Depending on the location of your property, this could be a big concern for potential tenants. Access control that includes an intercom system sends a message that your complex and staff are serious about building security and can elevate your property’s reputation.

Intercom systems can prove to be an essential security solution that could improve communications and building relations. Given that security is such a high priority for many tenants, it is almost a necessity that apartment buildings incorporate access control.

How Much Does a Video Intercom System Cost?

The cost of a video intercom system varies greatly depending on the type of system you choose and the number of users it has. One-way intercoms are affordable and start at around $150, with installation costs of an additional $200 to $300. The price will increase with camera quality and cellular signals, and you can get 10 consoles for added flexibility.

Apartment Intercom System
Apartment Intercom System

How Do You Open a Door With an Intercom?

If you have an intercom, you have a few options. One of them is a battery-operated doorbell, which sends a notification to your phone. You can use a wired system to receive audio calls or trigger a door unlock. This type of system will allow you to talk to a visitor in person.

What is an intercom system in flats?

An intercom system in a flat provides an easy way to communicate with residents. These systems usually have a panel installed on each door. When the doorbell or buzzer is activated, the system sends an audible message to the apartment’s resident. An intercom can also be programmed to call a specific phone number if the connection is not working properly. It is a great convenience for tenants to be able to reach specific people during emergencies.



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