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Want To Travel To Leh Ladakh? Fret Not,

Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh

The stunning splendor of the Himalayas as well as the rough roads you’ll walk on will inspire you to return to Leh Ladakh package over and over again. We were extremely excited, and eventually, we decided to travel to this heavenly place. When we were planning our trip, we discovered TravelTriangle was very responsive right from the beginning. With the top places to visit on the itinerary, and some thrilling adventures thrown in This was definitely one of our top adventures together. As we did, if are planning a trip that is adventurous with your loved one, here’s a look at our incredible journey that will definitely provide you with all the good reasons to travel to this place that is peaceful and serene.

Leh Ladakh

Best Weather to Travel to Leh Ladakh

While we were in the Southern coastal region of India we became bored of the scorching and humid climate which is why we decided to choose Ladakh as our destination. The temperature was cold and we experienced a sub-zero temperature that was uncomfortable, however, we had a great time taking in the cold and chilly atmosphere.

Travel to Leh Ladakh

Must-Try Experiences In Ladakh

When you visit Leh Ladakh tour package, you’ll witness numerous attractions that shouldn’t be missed by those making your first trip. Between adventure and sightseeing,, there is something to do.

  1. A thrilling drive to the Magnetic Hills

The day we arrived we visited Magnetic hill, one of the biggest adventures we had to cross off the bucket list. We rented a bullet from a rental company and drove around in our SUV. It is an unforgettable experience that can’t be described in words. This hill has a stunning panorama of the hills. On our way to this natural wonder, we stopped at the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib resting on the Leh-Srinagar highway. Then we drove towards the confluence between the Zanskar and Indus that was as we drove towards Sham Valley. Of all of this, the spot that has etched a mark in our hearts forever is The Hall of Fame which is an official museum run through the Indian army. It’s an important place to visit. The feeling of goosebumps was really looking at the Kargil images of war preparations.

Leh Ladakh


  1. Combating the Fear Of Heights At Khardungla Pass

We rented a bullet for the travel all up towards Khardungla Pass which is the most motorable road in the world. Driving along this road is one of the most thrilling things that you could do when during your time in Leh Ladakh bike trip. It was a very challenging task to drive on the uneven terrain, but it is clear that we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The roads were very slippery, but once we were at the summit of the world, it all seemed worth it. After taking in the stunning views in the mountains of Khardungla Pass, we headed to our destination, the Deskit Gompa where we tried meditation in the midst of monks. Following this, we walked toward our next destination, the Hunder village to view the Double camels with humps that roam around the desert. The final destination of our second day was Nubra Valley, where we concluded our day.

  1. Capture the stunning beauty of Pangong Tso

A Ladakh trip isn’t complete without a visit to the Pangong Tso lake which is the jewel of this elusive valley. It is situated at 14000 feet, images can’t be enough to define how beautiful this natural wonder is. With pure blue, crystal clear water that also alters color, this was the location that actually has us awestruck. When we returned, we also went towards Changla Pass. Changla Pass is the second-highest motorable route.


  1. Live Like A Local In Thiksey Gompa

Ladakh is a place that is home to a plethora of monasteries. While here we are unable to go to one of the monasteries that are famous. They are located at an elevation of 3,600m in Thiksey village design of the monastery as well as the tranquility that surrounds it made us awestruck. Following this, we went to The Sindhu Ghat from where the Indus river flows through Ladakh before entering Pakistan.

Our Hotel In Ladakh

The initial two days we were in the area we were staying in Leh’s Royal Plaza at Leh which was a 3-star hotel complete with all the facilities. The only issue we faced was the absence of a heater in the room, and breakfast was not very good. The staff was attentive and friendly, making our stay much less stress-inducing. The final day of our trip we moved towards Nubra Valley. Sand dunes view resort at Nubra Valley. The rooms were spotless, but the power was not always working which was the main issue in Nubra Valley. In the past couple of days, we stayed in Leh’s City Palace in Leh which was a 4-star hotel and offered all the amenities needed to have a pleasant stay.

Our Hotel In Ladakh

Shopping In Ladakh

There are markets all over Ladakh brimming with all sorts of goods that are offered by locals. There are also stores in Ladakh group tours that are a bit inexpensive for those on a budget. From Tibetan sweaters, shawls and other souvenirs that are small in size There is a lengthy list of items to purchase in Ladakh that have really satisfied my wife’s desires.

Highlights Of Our Adventure Trip To Ladakh

Travel to Leh Ladakh Like A Pro By Using These Tips


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