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Romantic itinerary for Ladakh this Valentine’s Day



Are you still wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day? By giving some gifts, or pendants. Or taking them out on a romantic date? All of these tricks are now outdated and nearly everyone else around you is doing the same. Are you stressed about how to make your valentine’s day special this year! The answer is simple.

Go on a trip with Capture A Trip!!

We bring to you a solution to your worries- Ladakh Tour Package!! When in Ladakh you can have an adventure and romantic moments both with your partner, and not have a usual valentine’s day.

Ladakh is certainly the most famous destination for adventure enthusiasts and also for newly married couples for the beautiful sights and serene environment.

You must have heard of a travel itinerary but for the very first time, we present to you your Romantic itinerary to Ladakh.

Although we believe every place, every street and every corner in Ladakh is beautiful, especially when you are with your loved ones. However, we have created a travel list where you can have experiences like nowhere else.

Magnetic Hill – Explore the wonder of Nature with your loved one. On the national highway from Leh to Kargil and Baltik, there lies the curious case of Magnetic or Gravity Hill. Try switching off your bike engines and yet the hill will pull you up. Might sound a little scary, but what’s magic without goosebumps. You can enjoy it with your partners and explore the mysterious and wonderful nature.

Zanskar Valley – An escape from reality with your loved one.

You must have had a romantic candlelight dinner or a romantic dinner in a lavish restaurant. But have you ever imagined dining under the star-studded sky while you set up a temporary home (camp) with your soul mate?

Well, if not then this is something you should go on for.

One of the most scantily inhabited valleys in Ladakh, the Zanskar Valleys offers you the most adventurous seclusions for your honeymoon. This valley is a hub of all possible adventures in a hilly terrain including trekking in winters; and rafting and kayaking in summers.

Khardung La pass -Those fly together travels miles together.

We were not kidding when we mentioned a romantic adventurous valentine’s day. Have you ever imagined if you could fly with your partner? Like superman with Louis Lane or spiderman with MJ? Well you can do the same in Ladakh!

Paraglide with your love and hold on to each other; you will feel the bond you share.

Camping – The best kind of live-in relationship.

Well, we wish that after the Ladakh bike trip both of you get closer than ever before and what will be better than camping? The best way to soak in the enthralling and raw beauty of Ladakh is through camping. Thanks to it, you will find numerous camping spots in Ladakh where you can lie down under the stars with your spouse and even enjoy a bonfire. Is there anything more romantic than stargazing with your partner?

These are some of our favourite recommendations. We hope that with the Leh Ladakh Package both of you get closer than ever and develop your relationship deeper than before and trust us Ladakh will be the best place to do that! 

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