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10 Clever Makeup Tricks To Hide Your Double Chin

There are many different attributes that we view to be beautiful and unfortunately many have not recognized that the beauty we perceive all depends on the balance of the face, and the chin plays an important part as it provides the harmony and balance of the facial features.  

There are those that are blessed with perfectly contoured jawlines. While there are those who are frustrated seeing that unwanted excess fat underneath the chin. Opposite to what we believe, those who are slender don’t get a double chin compared to those who are curvier. Chins come in different forms and sizes, there are those who are born with a double chin while others developed it in later life or for some, it is their natural shape.

What is Double Chin, Why do we get them?

Double Chin is an excess fat underneath the natural chin. This happens when the fat around the neck slumps and forms wrinkles that appear like having two chins.

Having a double chin, whether genetic or acquired, does not pose any threat, we can either opt for Chin Removal or ignore it for as long as we can. Nonetheless, it is unfavorable to our self-confidence and self-esteem. How we wish we could just hide behind our winter wardrobe.

No matter how much we exercise every day and be in control of our diet, this submental fat is stubborn and won’t just budge that easily. There are different chin causes why one has a chin or submental fat. Genetics play a part in having a chin, weight, and age.

Genetics –

unfortunately, our gene pool is partly to blame for its tendency to hold and accumulate submental fat. It already runs in the family history of skin with little elasticity.

Age –

it is already known that as we age, our skin loses collagen and elasticity and makes the skin looser that makes the pocket of fat underneath the chin hang down.

Weight –

developing a double chin injections can be acquired through weight gain, generally, as you gain weight, the excess fat is also distributed across the body including the face area and under the chin area.

Poor posture –

with the rise of electronic gadgets, we tend to adopt bad posture unconsciously and unknowingly we stretch out our necks as we work on our laptops and check our smartphones. Aside from getting neck pain, this posture can hurt our platysma muscle  – a broad muscle found on the neck that connects to the chin. When this is weakened, it results in reduced elasticity hence, the effect of sagging.

Facial Structure-

this is a factor that is already out of our control. Those with recessive chins and weak jawlines are more prone to have a double chin because their skin is stretched over a small area and it only takes a small adjustment in fat or elasticity to cause.

10 Makeup Tricks that can help hide the double chin.

When you start to feel low and your self-confidence is getting tampered with, it is time to start to do something about it. Either you can go for a Treatment Melbourne or start at home with some double chin reducer techniques and tricks to hide without breaking the bank. 

Using makeup in the right way can do magic in hiding and it is a go-to solution for those that want to get rid of those without breaking the bank.

1.Cheeks and eyes –

wearing bold eye makeup, shimmer, glittery, or smokey eye effect gives highlight to the face region of the face.

2.Jawline –

Improving the jawline by using makeup creates an illusion of a slim or toned is a great trick to hide the double chin. 

3.Lips –

applying the right lip shade can make a difference in the way you appear. Keeping away from nude colors and choosing Bold colors such as dark red, dark brown can give highlights to the lips and hide a double chin.

4. Contour and Blending-

is used to keep the makeup on point, with proper contouring technique, it can give a well-sculpted face that creates an illusion of no double chin.

5. Bronzer-

applying a bronzer along the neckline and jawline is a smart trick to hide a double chin. Make sure that no visible line is noticeable ( blending is the key ) and use the correct shade of bronzer based on your skin tone.

6. Hairstyle –

having a smart or cool hairstyle can conceal the double chin. Best to have a hairstyle that gives the illusion of a slimmer chin such as a bob cut as it takes away unwanted attention from the chin area. letting the hair hanging down on the neck emphasizes. 

7. Accessories –

no matter how elaborate or simple the accessory piece can leave a say on the whole look. For hiding a double chin, wearing the right neck accessory is a must like those necklaces that fall on the neck. Avoid wearing short necklaces or chokers ( no matter how they are in trend) as they attract attention towards the chin area.

8. Neckline –

showing off the neckline can divert the attention away from the chin by highlighting the neckline area with the use of bronzer and avoiding wearing high neck outfits. Instead, wear broad and deep necked tops.

9. Dress smart-

what you wear can make a lot of difference – in short, avoid clothes that draw attention to the double chin. Instead wear a scoop neck top that diverts the attention and let them notice the collar bones, neckline or throat.

10. Exercise

A natural way to get rid of those stubborn fats is to do regular exercise and a healthy diet. Getting those muscles moving around the chin can gradually help in getting away those submental fats.

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