7 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps in 2022

virtual mobile number India

Virtual Business A virtual number is one cloud-based technology popularly used within the business call center. With the support of the best virtual mobile number in India, you can highly develop the production rate and customer interaction. You can nearly attract a customer with a high score with better interaction processing and proper response. This seamless way of customer interaction will increase your lead generation when you prefer the service from the best business service provider.

  1. Knowlarity 

Knowlarity is the most trusted business solution provider that provides high-level technology apps and software for your business development. If you are seeking the answer to the question, how can I get an Indian virtual number? Then obviously, your answer is Knowlarity. The ultimate service of Knowlarity with virtual numbers provides you with several real-time features and benefits. 

Key Features

  • An ultimate supportive IVR menu 
  • A recording feature with both inbound and outbound call
  • Effective and fastest call routing with AI support
  • High connectivity rate and clarity with response   
  • Promoting international numbers to broaden up your business range 
  • Multi-lingual support with IVR software

Highlight benefits 

  • Increased conversation rate
  • Coming up with quality leads 
  • Avail agents to omnipresent 
  • Number masking to ensure customer trust and agent safety 
  • Optimizes call center’s operational efficiency 
  1. Real-time data insight 

Call Hippo is a top-functioning virtual call application that supports every call center platform with both inbound and outbound operations. The software allows you to access a wide range of functionalities that make your call center process easier and more convenient for the agent and customer. 

Key feature 

  • Enables power dialer 
  • Options with smart switch
  • Call forwarding
  • Call conference and transfer

Highlight benefits

  • Secure application and scalable operation
  • Seamless operation and integration
  1. Sideline 

Sideline is more than a normal phone number app that provides various optimizing features within your business. The application offers you a professional virtual Indian number just for work-related calls. With the support of this number, you can activate the second number within your activating phone number. 

Key features 

  • Speed Call monitoring and recording
  • Active employee directory 
  • Group messaging 
  • SMS + MMs messaging 

Highlight benefits of  Virtual Business

  • Easy setup 
  • Second number
  • Automated replies
  1. Nextiva 

If you are finding instant chats, you must surely make a better decision with Nextiva to develop the inbuilt feature. You can bring every feature you need with a simp0le one-click option to perform speed performance. You can ensure the utmost performance of this app with AI support.  

Key features 

  • Auto-attendant
  • Unlimited HD voice calls 
  • Voice mail 
  • Real-time call routing

Highlight benefits 

  • High-quality service within customer care 
  • Easy, intuitive interface 
  1. Grasshopper 

If you are wondering for ways to handle your call center without grouping professions with a location, you can opt with the GrassHopper software app. You can perform features with easy transcription through WIFI calling. With the improved support of Grasshopper, you can stay healthy with no risk of losing any clients. You can include the professional number from this app with your professional system and private mobile.  

Key features 

  • Call routing and logging 
  • Employee directory 
  • Voice recognition 
  • Ring groups 
  • VoIP 

Highlight benefits 

  • Customized greetings from your official zone
  • Awesome texting features
  1. Banter.io

Using automated solutions within your business will get highly improved with the feature of Banter.io. This app allows you to use high-level technological access, positively influencing your business. This app supports you with traditional operations like mail, digital fax, and various other business operations to make your customer interaction better.

Key features 

  • Advanced tailored texting solution 
  • Customer caller ID 
  • Web browser calling 

Highlight benefits 

  • Improved customer support and integration
  1. Freshdesk 

Freshdesk has been helping businesses grow making discussions easy with virtual Indian numbers from then to now. The beneficial features of this app allow you to access every minute making it worthwhile with your call center operations streamlined. You can manage this app with comfortable, hands-on management and stay in line with customers’ needs simultaneously. You can bring both international and local toll-free operations with the software integrated in your CRM. 

Key benefits 

  • Mask calls 
  • You can activate (BYOC)
  • Call logging, monitoring, and routing 
  • Call scripting 
  • Contact management 

Highlight benefits 

  • Tracking and immediate monitoring customer issues 
  • Easy setup 

Switch to Knowlarity:

It is always best to choose the first option when it comes to your business needs. Consider such a point Knowlarity is the best in class option that makes your call center operation more effective with a great professional touch.


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