Best paints for painting garage & concrete floor

paints for painting garage

A garage with people, cars, bicycles, and even a luggage room looks like a lot of streets. It can cause toxic clothing in the garage along with all the activities you do with your hands. regardless of length, The solid surface will ultimately reflect the desired hardness. Water or high temperatures can cause cracks. But running water and other chemicals In the end, these defects destroy the overall appearance of the concrete floor. and risk serious damage such as dropping or fire.

Dormitory floor type

Garage surface paint will enhance the look of any room. There are three types of paints for DIYers: latex, acrylic and epoxy. They all come with different ideas as described below. First, select the possible colors. Think about the purpose of using the garage and the need to maintain the new floor.

If the project is part of a converted garage, for example, turn your garage into a living room or recreation room. Then spend time painting or installing floors such as carpets or interior/exterior tiles.

Garage tire paint

Latex garage floor paint is a water-based product. Contains acrylic resin and a clean brush and roller dipped in soap and water. Latex usually costs less than acrylic paint and slightly less than epoxy gym paint.

Latex paint is not required at all and dries quickly. Usually within a few hours, however, it is not as durable as acrylic or epoxy. When used in engineering garages that are not exposed to weather conditions, such as garages, converted family rooms. It can be a beautiful and crafty lid.

Acrylic paint on the garage floor

Acrylic garage floor paint contains more acrylic resin than latex paint. Barrier and suitable for free engineering installation As an expanded concrete slab with compressive strength and temperature fluctuations Acrylic paints are less susceptible to cracking and cracking than latex paints.

Acrylic paints can be twice as expensive as latex paints. gallon but more durable It also fades in sunlight. This means that the colors will be brighter and more accurate. Latex and acrylic cement flooring is easy to install.

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Epoxy garage floor paint.

The original epoxy paint is sold in drums or bags as the “two-part” consists of epoxy resin and polyamine resin that must be mixed prior to use. This product is available in both solvent-based epoxy and water-based epoxy. There are two differences in application, cost, appearance, endurance, and care, knowing what will happen before each finish. time You can narrow down your options and find the best garage floor images for protecting and decorating your garage floor.

If the paint is marked with the same epoxy component It is actually latex or acrylic paint with a small amount of epoxy resin. The addition of resin will make the building product stronger and the coating more durable.

How To Paint A Garage Floor

Clean and Floor

Wood is a concrete wood that is easy to assemble and paint, so it is best to clean it with a washing machine or under a washing machine. Don’t miss this section !!! If the washing machine allows it, you can re-add the makeup remover to the water to keep the washing machine clean. Also dry!

For those who cannot use an electric washing machine, you can use a coarse brush between the toothbrush and the blower. You need to use a lot of nails to remove the dirt! Use an oil cleanser, TSP or soap to clean the power and leave the cleanser on for a few minutes before applying the final paste to some stains at home. Do not dry the stone cleaner!

** Note: We started with a rock. If there is old paint or sealant on the floor, it must first be cleaned with a disinfectant. **

There should be no difference in the Floor

There are several products on the market that can help fill the cracks. Stone/dirt can be used to remove small cracks, But you will need gravel or a thick hole. If the crack is deep, it will be necessary to seal the cracks in the engine to make it worse (this may take some time!). Wipe the object with a damp cloth or brush to smooth and smooth out the cracks. Before painting, read all the manufacturer’s instructions for the product to confirm the repair time. Ours was supposed to be a week while some others recommended up to a month.

Etch the floors

You may want to increase it depending on the productivity of the mineral. {We don’t think it’s necessary} Cut holes in the stone for better penetration of the paint. To determine if your home needs repairs, put a small amount of water on the floor and see how quickly it absorbs. If it falls too fast, you don’t need to install it. If there is a surface pool, an additional commercial concrete structure is recommended. Dry completely.

Apply a Bonding primer

The first is pre-treatment of aerated concrete, designed to increase paint adhesion. We use the brush to decorate the corners of the machine and apply the cylinder to everyone. It works with a small amount of milk, so you can see where it is dyed, but it is clear that it is dry. Leave the paint on for four hours (and no more than 30 days) before painting.

Application of the Paint

The colors match well and are well coated. As in the first section, we cut the edges with a brush and then sew everything. It was fine after one dress, but we got another to make it safer. It is recommended to use a second-floor larger than the first floor {for example, the first floor corresponds to the length, the second floor must be carefully laid} Thus, our garage is very easy to install. Use the height and make it for only two layers. Although we were on the ground after 24 hours, we advise people to dry it quickly with high-end drying Equipment. So that you can use it without any worry.

Of course, there is a lot of work in the garage, but the paint makes it beautiful! We are happy with the results – now we can see our real difference


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