What’s so special about Twitter’s ‘Space’ feature?

Twitter's 'Space' feature
Twitter's 'Space' feature

Twitter’s ‘Space’ feature The social media platform Twitter has given more of its user’s access to a feature called ‘Space’ which has been introduced in the style of audio chat rooms. reed more
Twitter’s new feature is being developed in a limited way according to the general practice of the industry, with the help of users instead of testing and then launching a beta.
Earlier in mid-December, Twitter announced that a feature called Space was now live and would be used to test human voice emotions. The description of Space explained that it was often lost in text messages. It will better connect users by highlighting emotions and feelings through human voices.
Twitter’s ‘Space’ feature Twitter likened the space feature to a “well-arranged banquet” and said that to fully enjoy such banquets, you don’t have to be familiar with all the participants.
In the past, this feature has been provided to a limited group of users to allow them to hold space sessions and others (both their followers or non-followers) to be part of these audio chat rooms.
In a recent announcement, Twitter increased the number of people who can use the space and gave access to it to more Android and iOS users. Currently, a limited number of Twitter users on Android and iOS can host the space. However, anyone using Twitter on both operating systems will be able to be part of a space session.
The space host can use this feature in two ways.
Hold down the ‘Compose’ button in the Twitter app while you’re on your home timeline. People who have been given access to space will see the option to create space on the far left, along with other options. ۔
Or click on the profile image in the option of your flats, scroll to the far right, then click on the option of visible spaces.
Eleven people, including the host, will be able to join the space section and talk via live audio.
Space participants can also be invited by sending a link via Direct Messages (DM), or by inviting others by tweeting the Space link or sharing it on another platform.
The host of the space will also have the option of whom they allow speaking during the session. Anyone they follow or invite can speak.
Audiences in space will also be able to get permission to speak to the host by clicking on the ‘Request’ button that appears with the microphone. You can turn on your mic by clicking on the Star Your Space button.
By clicking on the ‘Flame Mic Aces’ option, the host can allow the selected people to speak.
If the host or speaker has the captions turned on, the listeners have the option to turn the captions on or off. For this, they have to click on the ‘View Captions’ button.
The space host will have the option to add names and descriptions for their session. This description can be changed at any time during the operation of the space session.


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