Getting help to get the owner to the hospital, the dog stopped traffic.

dog stopped the traffic
dog stopped the traffic

In Ontario, Canada, a dog stopped traffic to try to save the life of a sick owner.
According to the UPI, Haley Moore, an Ottawa resident, was walking with her one-and-a-half-year-old dog, Clover, when she suddenly fell ill with a cesarean section.
“I just remember feeling dizzy and then I was in the ambulance when I opened my eyes,” Haley Moore told CTV News. However, everything that happened during that time seemed to be protected by a CCTV camera. did it.
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The footage shows the peacocks walking with a white dog, the traffic is light and there is snow all around.
Suddenly the peacocks fall and the dog first tries to move them, then runs here and there and then stands in the middle of the road. At the same time, a pick-up van comes fast but does not move forward, and The driver stops the vehicle. The dog barks at the owner and the man get out of the car and walk closer to the peacock. “It was so impressive, the dog actually blocked my way,” said Dryden Ottawa, the driver of the car.
At the same time, the dog stopped the traffic another driver, Danielle Pylon, for help.
“You could say the dog wasn’t ready to leave its owner when we were with the peacock,” says Pylon.
Moore’s parents say Clover also called for help from nearby people. Neighbors heard Clover’s barking and rushed to where Moore was waiting for an ambulance.
The peacock fell unconscious but was not injured. She was rushed to hospital and survived.
“If it ever happened again, I’d be 10 times safer because I know he’s with me,” said Moore.
He said that he was grateful for the help.
“I don’t know how to thank those who helped.
According to Moore’s parents, Clover was rewarded with a large piece of meat for his work.


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