Does tea play a role in preventing high blood pressure?


An ancient and popular drink that can be made in every home and every cafe, can now be used to lower blood pressure, according to a new scientific study.
According to a study published in Sydney magazine, tea has many benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and is especially helpful in protecting the body’s cells and preventing aging. A recent study has included a tea in the list of effective ingredients against high blood pressure.

Does drinking tea regularly lower blood pressure?

High blood pressure in the arteries causes high blood pressure. It increases the risk of heart disease, such as stroke, cerebral palsy, heart disease and arteries.
According to research, this chronic disease which affects a large number of people all over the world can be reduced by regular consumption of tea.
These compounds, both green and black tea, contain natural antioxidants that reduce blood pressure by activating a protein called CNQ5, which plays a role in dilating arteries (increasing the size of blood vessels). does.

How to get the most out of tea?

It would be a good idea to drink tea to maintain the cardiovascular system, as this new research confirms.
However, excessive consumption of tea should be avoided, as it depends on how sensitive everyone is, according to dietitian Dr. Nina Cohen Kobe. However, it is recommended that you drink about three cups of tea a day at least one hour after any meal.

“Iron is an essential element for the body to function properly and for good physical health in general,” the nutritionist warned. Iron is present in red blood cells, and excessive consumption of tea prevents the body from absorbing iron.
Finally, although antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits are already known, their sources must be chosen carefully. A survey of 60 million tea consumers in 2017 warned of the presence of insect repellents in many varieties of tea sold in supermarkets and even in some brands. reed more



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